Reynolds Handi Vac... Crazy Adapter Works
with Cheaper Ziploc Bags!

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Finally a solution that’s fast, reliable, easy and let’s you use the cheaper Ziploc Vacuum bags.

I Guarantee You Can Not Find A Better, Faster, Cheaper Solution.  Here’s why…

When they discontinued making the Reynolds Handi Vac bags I was very disappointed to say the least. At first I ran all over town looking for them and soon discovered that was a waste of gas and time.

Then I turned to the Internet superstore, eBay, and sure enough I found some bags. The problem was the price. I was shocked! They were asking $1 to $2 a bag.

At first it was about a buck a bag. Then it shot up to two bucks. Now it’s settled down around a $1.04 to $1.23 per bag when you add shipping charges.

Well I didn’t want to pay those kind of prices. It almost wipes out all the money I was saving buying in bulk.

High Bag Prices Defeats The Purpose.

So I had to come up with a better solution.

The first thing I tried was using Ziploc Vacuum bags. I figured Reynolds Handi Vac bag, Ziploc Vacuum bag, they’re both vacuum bags so it should work right?

Well that turned into a big fiasco because it appeared to “kinda work” and it took 2 or 3 times longer to suck the air out. Anyway, long story short, I ended up with a bunch of ruined food.

The problem is the power of the Handi Vac pump, when used directly on the Ziploc bag it damages the bag and it leaks – no more vacuum. It didn’t happen all the time but often enough where I didn’t trust the seal. Cheap left-overs are one thing but I didn’t like playing Russian-roulette with my expensive meats and rarely made good stuff.

PLEASE NOTE:  The only people telling you that you can use your Reynolds Handi Vac pump directly on a Ziploc Vacuum bag are the ones trying to convince you to buy their over-priced bags.

Let me show you why you’re paying too much if you buy Ziploc bags on eBay.

Here’s how the prices currently on eBay compare to what you should be paying:

Cost on
Cost on
ReynLoc Link*
72 Ziploc QUART Vacuum Bags (6 Boxes) $19.99 + $12.65 s&h
= $32.64 Total
48 Ziploc GALLON Vacuum Bags (6 Boxes) $19.99 + $15.37 s&h
= $35.36 Total
120 Ziploc GAL/QRT COMBO Vacuum Bags (12 Boxes) $49.99 + $15.79 s&h
= $65.78 Total
60 Ziploc GAL/QRT COMBO Vacuum Bags (6 Boxes) $19.99 + $15.37 s&h
= $35.36 Total
60 Ziploc QUART Vacuum Bags (5 Boxes) $25.99 + $8.99 s&h
= $34.98 Total
40 Ziploc GALLON Vacuum Bags (5 Boxes) $26.99 + $8.99 s&h
= $35.98 Total
80 Ziploc GALLON Vacuum Bags (10 Boxes)
120 Ziploc QUART Vacuum Bags (10 Boxes)

* The ReynLoc Link’s cost comes with FREE s&h if your order is over $25.

Even if you don’t damage the bag, here’s another reason why you can NOT get a good vacuum seal if you use your Reynolds Handi Vac pump directly on a Ziploc Vacuum bag.

All the over-priced bag sellers tell you to place the pump off the edge of the suction area on the bag.  The problem with this approach is this method leaves little gaps where the edge and the bag meets because the pump head ends up slightly tilted.

These gaps cause lose of suction just like when you place a vacuum cleaner hose flat on a surface you get tremendous suction yet when you simply tilt it slightly you get lower suction. This is handy for vacuuming your car but you want full suction when you vacuum seal your food.

In other word…

Gaps are bad and using your Handi Vac pump directly on a Ziploc Vacuum bag will cause gaps.  There’s no way around it no matter what over-priced bag sellers say. You have to tilt the pump and it will cause gaps.

There had to be a better solution. One that was…

Reynolds Handi Vac Adapter Checklist

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Easy
  • Cheap

After six months of looking, trying every and failing, I finally decided to invent the solution.

I knew two things.

  • I love the portable, one-button convenience of my Reynolds Handi Vac pump.
  • Ziploc Vacuum bags are the cheapest vacuum bags on the market and you can’t be held hostage by one source (i.e. eBay).

Besides I’m guessing Ziploc isn’t going anywhere. When you think Ziploc you think of bags. Not so true when you think Reynolds, maybe that’s why they got out of the vacuum bag business.

In any case, after a few months of experimenting like Thomas Edison…

I invented the

    “ReynLoc Adapter”

YES! The solution that’s fast, reliable, easy and let’s you use the cheaper Ziploc Vacuum bags.

Reynolds Handi Vac Demo

It gives you the ability to use your Reynolds Handi Vac pump on a Ziploc Vacuum bag. Some ReynLoc users say this combination works better than the original Handi Vac bags. I have to admit, that has been my experience too.

But let’s be honest. Everything I have to say about the ReynLoc Adapter is going to be a little biased. So take a look at the feedback I continually receive from ReynLoc users.

Isn’t that terrific feedback? Should you get a ReynLoc Adapter?

Let’s remove any doubt that the ReynLoc Adapter is the best solution if you have a Reynolds Handi Vac pump.

The testimonials on the right are 100% real but since anybody could simply write up a bunch of wonderful testimonials and say they are real…

> > > I invite you to checkout the real-time feedback page on eBay. There’s probably some new, great, unsolicited testimonials added in the last few days. Someone is always adding crazy good feedback to help others know you can buy with confidence.

People love to scream on the Internet. If someone is dissatisfied you will know it!

Since feedback on eBay can’t be faked and negative feedback can’t be removed, eBay provides one of the most unbiased feedback reports you can get.

But before you look at my feedback on eBay I want you to understand, DON’T GET ALL EXCITED AND BUY ZIPLOC BAGS ON EBAY!!!! You will end up paying too much.

When you’re ready to buy bags, go to because I keep it up to date with the lowest price I can find on the Internet including shipping and handing.

If you are thinking about buying bags on eBay, check out first and make sure you are comparing the total price (including the shipping).

My Commitment to You: I want you to get the most value out of your ReynLoc Adapter purchase and as I find out, I will always keep a link to the lowest price I can find for
Ziploc Vacuum bags on

Your 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

It’s truly a risk-free proposition. As a matter of fact if you are dissatisfied in anyway, simply return your ReynLoc Adapter and I’ll send you $25. That’s $5 dollars more than you paid.

I couldn’t afford to make you this over-the-top guarantee if I didn’t believe you will love your ReynLoc Adapter.

That’s it. All you have to do is click the Buy Now button.
Go ahead and click it now.

Special Custom Made “ReynLoc Adapterâ„¢”
Only $19.95 w/ FREE s&h

ReynLoc User Feedback

This is what other people like you had to say when they got their ReynLoc Adapter™.  Way too many to list them all but here are some recent reviews from all around the country.

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